Topgallant® IMIS - A new addition ...

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Topgallant® IMIS - A new addition ...

The latest addition to the Topgallant software platform is the Topgallant In-Memory Information Server. This is a light-weight implementation of the Topgallant Information Server, suitable for small-scale but high-performance applications. It provides the full functionality of Topgallant Information Server to desktop installations which do not depend on instant synchronization between many users. At the same time it has a very small footprint and zero-installation effort.

The high performance is achieved by use of in-memory storage capabilities. In combination with state-of-the-art persistent storage devices such as SSDs, very high performance rates can be accomplished.

This variant of Information Server is particularly suited for simulation and data analytics applications, as it overs a very high processing rate for transactions and queries.

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