Our Products at a Glance

Atlantec Enterprise Solutions offers various products to build powerful solutions. All products are based on the Topgallant® infrastructure that provides a common information management and integration platform. Depending on the actual needs, all products can be combined or operated individually.

Topgallant Sails

Introducing Topgallant®

Topgallant® software solutions are designed by shipbuilding experts for the maritime industry.

Topgallant® technology enables applications running on different platforms at any location to function as a distributed, inter-operable system.

Our Topgallant® trademark comes from the name of the top yards and sails of sea-going sailing ships and has been in use at least since the 18th century. This trademark is highly appropriate because Topgallant® solutions empower our clients to operate and maneuver more effectively while being based on long-time experience and continuous improvements.