Topgallant Toolkits

Topgallant® Toolkits

The Topgallant® Toolkits provide access to the full power of the Topgallant® infrastructure for customer-side developments.

The toolkits are offered as a development tool, enabling customers to develop their own adapters and applications in the Topgallant® environment. Using toolkits, the customer gets access to core system definitions, documents, and interfaces. Toolkits include software development training and support.

Toolkits provide full access to the data being managed by Topgallant Information Server and the data models used to define and store such data. Additionally various extension mechanisms exist to complement a Topgallant installation according to special customer requirements.

Typical use cases for toolkits include:

  • Access to system information: training courses enable a customer to have full knowledge and access to the data and system functions, as well as an understanding the Software development procedures used for Topgallant software products.
  • Knowledge management and protection: due to the in-house development option, proprietary information does not have to be transferred to a third party.
  • Special development requirements: creating very specific software components in a cost efficient way using readily available in-house knowledge and capabilities.
  • Customer redistributable applications: creating specific software components for distribution to partners is possible by including the redistribution license option.