Catalogue Manager

Catalogue Manager

Maintaining catalogue information for equipment and components is a well-established concept for mechanical design systems.

The Topgallant® Catalogue Manager extends this concept to Project structure and Task template definitions, to better serve the needs of typical shipbuilding scenarios, including repair and retrofitting.

This predefined, but fully configurable information can be easily applied to a specific project and revised when required. A lot of time will be saved since there is no need to search and define all the required information from scratch. Catalogue Manager enables to define and store various catalogues and to refer to them from other Topgallant® products.

It helps to normalize/standardize data in such a way that duplications and deviations from a yard’s standard practice are minimized. Since catalogues will be configured for individual shipyards based on their organisation and work standards, it will also substantially simplify the validation of requirements and tasks against the individual shipyard standards.

For instance, Catalogue Manager is included in the Topgallant® Project Planning solution, constituting an important feature for enhancing the task and schedule information based on engineering details.

Topgallant® Catalogue Manager helps to establish and maintain data that represents e.g. certain standards, supplier and subcontractor information, or templates (including data based on historical project data) such as:

  • Material
  • Equipment
  • Grouping Codes (e.g. SFI)
  • Task templates
Catalogue manager